At Studio Eleven43 video production facility, we are always looking to artists, brands, and individuals to inspire us. Last week, Coach revealed its latest campaign, “Find Your Courage,”. The campaign which showcases animated influencer Imma, along with Coach Family members Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan.

The Production Plot

The campaign is situated in a virtual realm and presents the Coach Spring collection, woven into a narrative about embracing the courage to uncover one’s authentic self.

Coach is dedicated to encouraging individuals to embrace their multifaceted identities. “Find Your Courage” bridges the gap between the physical and virtual realms, challenging conventional boundaries.

The campaign draws inspiration from the contemporary redefinition of authenticity by younger generations, highlighting the courage required to navigate and embrace the intricate layers of one’s identity.

Chapter 1

The campaign introduces the first installment of the campaign, led by Lil Nas X. The narrative follows imma on a quest to discover her courage, venturing through the unique virtual worlds of each ambassador. Each encounter enlightens imma on an individual’s “superpower,” imparting valuable lessons for her own journey to authentic self-discovery.

Lil Nas X portrays the courage to rewrite the rules and forge one’s path rather than adhere to existing guidelines.

The Story Continues…

In the upcoming installments, Wu Jinyan imparts the courage to embrace risk, Youngji Lee demonstrates the courage to defy conventions with humor, and Camila Mendes embodies the courage to embrace personal growth and self-acceptance.

Finally, Kōki guides imma to embrace new possibilities, uniting the diverse chapters within a radiant world of interconnected narratives and opportunities.

Directed by Vallée Duhamel with photography by Charlie Engman, “Find Your Courage” is inspired by A.I. and crafted using CGI.  The campaign’s theme is to embrace innovative outlets for all creative expression.

Additionally, it introduces select pieces from the Coach Spring 2024 collection, reflecting Stuart Vevers’ youthful interpretation of Coach’s American design ethos, featuring fresh variations of the Tabby shoulder bag with quilted details.

We love what they’re doing at Coach and we hope to see more in the future!

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