Greetings From Hollywood!

Introducing Studio Eleven43, a newly established production space in the heart of Hollywood, California. Our two studios with cycloramas cater to Music Videos, Commercials, Fashion, Photography, E-commerce, Look-Books, Fittings, Pre-pro meetings, and Corporate and Private Events.


How Many Studios does Studio Eleven43 have?

Is Studio Eleven43 bi-level? If so, how does the studio handle freight?
Yes, the studio is bi-level. We handle freight with our lift system. We have also invested in plenty of gear, so we can limit the amount of gear that needs to come up with each client. We also provide a dedicated stage hand (no cost to the client) to assist with each load in. We will always work with our clients to ensure the load in at Studio Eleven43 is just as smooth as any other studio.

What are the sizes of each studio?
Studio A is 3,000 sqft and Studio B is 1,500 sqft
Do You Do Fittings and Pre-Production Meetings?
Yes, we welcome all projects at Studio Eleven43. Rehearsals, fittings, Pre Production Meetings, Base Camping, etc.

What else does Studio Eleven43 offer?
Co-founded and operated by Jacqueline Carroll, who built, designed and ran Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California, Studio Eleven43 offers a range of services: g&e, production supplies, expendables, catering, craft services and a coffee bar. It is our goal to create top tier client experience at Studio Eleven43, so tailoring each experience to every specific client is important to us.

What are the rates at Studio Eleven43?
Do you do green screen?
Yes, we own a digi-green rag that can be hung, but we can also paint the CYCs digi-green, chroma-green or even blue.
What are your hours of operation:
As with all studios, Studio Eleven43 is available to be rented 24/7 and 365. Please contact for immediate assistance regarding availability.
What is parking like at Studio Eleven43?
Studio Eleven43 has a parking lot that can fit 10 cars or 5 trucks, but studio staff can work with each client to find additional parking via the city or an outside parking service.
Does Studio Eleven43 have HVAC?
Yes, Studio Eleven43 is equipped with central air conditioning and heat.
Can I visit Studio Eleven43?
Yes, please do!
Contact for immediate assistance to book your tour!
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