What We Do

Our versatile studios are ideal for commercials, table-top shoots, music videos, listening parties, photo shoots, private events and interviews, tailored to your vision. The 4,500 sq ft. main stage features a 1,150 sq ft. 2 wall cyclorama, paintable in any color. Our more intimate studio is 1,550 sq ft. and is fully soundproof with a single wall cyclorama, paintable in any color. Via our easy-to-use lift system, the bi-level studio can easily accommodate motorcycles, PWCs and ATVs upon request. Our custom-built grids can handle heavy-weight lighting with both studios having scissor lifts available to make grid access a cinch. Each studio has ample power (1200 amps), concrete floors, and plenty of height for various sized set builds.
Our studios are the ultimate choice for shooting your commercials. From Saint Laurent, to Nike, to Apple — we understand what it takes to be the best partner to get the job done for your client.
Music Videos:
Dave Meyers, Cole Bennett, Joseph Kahn– what do these names all have in common besides being some of the top music video directors of the century? They have all chosen us to shoot some of their most iconic music videos. Our high-end VIP rooms and white glove service serve to make even the biggest pop stars happy.
Our studios are perfect for high fashion, lifestyle, e-commerce, look books, and local designers to shoot various sized projects. 
Listening Parties:
Recently listening parties have become a staple for artists in various stages of their career to celebrate and promote the release of an album, EP, or single launch. Using our facilities, we invite you to step into a world of sonic beauty and absolute creative freedom, with customizable lighting capabilities and VIP amenities for fans and industry people alike to enjoy.


Enjoy a seamless production experience with the presence of dedicated production offices, fully equipped hair and makeup stations, and an extensive inventory of grip & electric, production supplies, onsite heavy equipment and more.

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